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This chapter contains explicit R18 content.


I knew that this was a kiss, yet I could not move at all — as if I had gotten intoxicated in the atmosphere, drunk on something in the air. Those lips lightly pressed forward once again before releasing mine, leaving me dumbfounded as I met gazes with blue irises that steadily drew closer.

“Your eyes… close them.”

Ilias smiled at my soft whisper. That first look had stirred up my desire, and I felt something aching inside of me. When I meekly closed my own eyes, he grabbed the hands I’d framed around my face and pulled me over to him, giving me a biting kiss.

It surprised me, and from between the crevice of my slightly-opened lips something warm slipped past and seized my mouth. That tongue moved with care and hesitancy at first, but when I poked at it with my own smaller  one, it started licking the walls, tracing my teeth, and stroking everywhere. A pleasurable feeling ran down my hips and had me trembling in its wake. Being unable to bear this feeling on my own, I grabbed Ilias’s clothes in a crushing grip while Ilias’s hold around me tightened so much I couldn’t move my face away from where it looked up to meet his. Finally our lips parted, and we breathed with our shoulders heaving from exertion.

“That… you—”

“Hold out your tongue.”



Damn it, when you call my name out so seductively, I…! I’ll only do just this, I told myself, and slowly opened my mouth and let out my tongue. Just what am I doing, seriously, why am I doing this…!

Ilias stroked my head as if to say ‘Good boy’ when I submissively obeyed him, and he changed his angle to more deeply attach himself to my mouth. The way he sucked on my tongue then entwined his with mine felt terribly good. I’d never been kissed like this before, so it was natural that I didn’t know what to do, but… shit, this guy, he kisses too well.

It was frustrating how my body lost its strength, how much I’d drifted into the pleasure. I couldn’t even swallow the saliva that began seeping  from the edges of my mouth. Only after I had gone dizzy from lack of oxygen did Ilias finally release me, and as I mindlessly stared at him, Ilias licked the corner of my lips — just that was enough to get my spine shivering.

“Are you sensitive?”

He chuckled. Though all I could make out through the tears was a hazy blur, I could still see that mischievous expression on his face. I glared at him, wanting to wipe off that grin, even if I only had a teary-eyed look with zero intimidation power right now

“Shut up; you’re just too good at it, dumbass.”

The moment I gave him that honest answer, Ilias’s mouth breathlessly fell open. Hey, just where did this guy’s overwhelming sex appeal disappear to… His eager puppy mode activated, Ilias looked at me with glittering eyes, letting out an aura of complete delight. Jeez, this idiot, why is he getting so happy over what I said…! I’d really dug my own grave, but luckily the sweetness of the atmosphere shifted. Ilias mercilessly pulled me toward his chest. “Let go!” I raised my head and pushed at him, making Ilias look at me with a mystified expression. It looked like his face was saying, ‘Why is that; why are you trying to get away?’ 1 Rather than my reaction, I think that the unbelievable turn of events this guy started was the real thing to be mystified about.

“Be reasonable and let me go already.”



“Won’t you show me more of your cute side?”

Haa? The hell are you—”

My words were swallowed up by a kiss wilder than any I’d ever experienced. It was a deep kiss with nipping, nibbling, weaving tongues together stickily, and he pulled me in with a wet suck.

“Mm, ah…!”

Unable to stop myself, I let out moans as the staggering kiss tore down my defenses. This guy had been a big puppy a few moments ago, so when the hell did his sex drive flip back on, come on…! It was agonizing, and it felt far too good, and beneath it all I honestly wanted to embrace him; so even though I should’ve been pushing away, my body instead instinctively pressed closer to his chest. After doing that, I felt a light impact upon my back. I realized that I had been pushed down on top of the sofa. The kiss had gone on for so long that when Ilias released me, I collapsed, panting as if I’d just finished a marathon. I looked at the guy above me, whose breathing was slightly irregular, as he neared and kissed the tops of my eyelids.

“You’re so cute… Azusa…”

“I, I’m not cute…!”

“Did it feel good?”

“Ugh… stop talking…!”

Ahhhh, it did feel really damn good, okay!! It’d been too long since I’d last done this, and it was my first time doing it so passionately…! I turned my face away, blushing furiously. My body shuddered upon feeling a sudden and direct caress.

U-Uh… Mister Ilias, just which part of my body are you touching…? If I’m not wrong, the place you’re fondling is that thing men carry, that extremely important place, isn’t it…! It had stood up because of the kiss, and when Ilias grasped it, I froze.

“Azusa, this—”

“Shut up, stop touching it—!”

Alright, it’s my bad for getting hard over something like this! I’m not experienced enough, I get it! Obviously a handsome guy like you has a wealth of history and practical prowess. Now that you’ve shown me just how different our levels are, I understand our positions very clearly, so please leave me alone. I scowled up at Ilias with a chagrined and humiliated face, but when he met my eyes he only lightly laughed. He pulled my hips closer, rubbing against the lower half of my body. It was then that I realized there was something harder than mine down there. Hey hey, are you serious here, you’re actually more excited than I am…?! Ilias gave a tight smile at my gobsmacked face, and moved his head nearer to mine.

“I’m like this because of how adorable you are, Azusa.”


“It’s alright, I’ll be fine. Just let me take care of you.”

He whispered into my ear while gently stroking my cheek. Before I realized it, I had already nodded in consent.

“Mn, don’t suck me there…!”

Ilias had pushed up the long-sleeve shirt I’d been wearing. When he put his mouth over one of the nipples he’d revealed, I couldn’t hold in my voice. One side was kneaded by his fingers, while the other side was licked by his tongue. Even though in the beginning I just felt ticklish, somehow, without my noticing, my mouth had gone loose, and I had started desperately panting with each throbbing sensation. I felt embarrassed at how my voice sounded like a woman’s so I pressed the back of my hand over my mouth, but even as I bit my teeth into my hand, I couldn’t stop the sweet-sounding noises from leaking out.

“This one must be feeling lonely, isn’t it?” Ilias moved over to the nipple that he had been teasing with his fingers. He began dropping kisses over it, and at the same time, the hand that had been stroking my body slowly slid down my stomach. All it did was gently rub my skin, yet somehow it felt incredibly pleasurable. Was my entire body turning into one huge erogenous zone… I called out Ilias’s name in a pleading voice, and he immediately rose up to coax and sweetly kiss me. I knew that what was happening was strange, but my rationality had flown off without me, leaving me unable to even think about stopping.

Ilias’s hands paused at the hem of my pants, then hooked and pulled my pants down. My bare legs felt cold against the open air, but I forgot about that the moment Ilias gently curled his fingers over the hardness in my underwear. I don’t know if it was on purpose, or if he’d even realized he was doing it, yet his soft, light touches only had my hips twitching with impatience and frustration. When I shot him a look that said I wanted him to touch me with more strength, Ilias sweetly grinned and assented. When he stroked more firmly, the pleasure made me let out my voice.

“Ah, mm, Ili… as!”

After getting caressed so many times, precome started drooling out of my dick, soaking my underwear. The moment it started getting too uncomfortable I stripped it off completely, freeing my stiff erection. I was the only one in this disheveled state; not a single piece of Ilias’s clothing had been disturbed, and the difference between us made shame flush within me.

“It’s fine if you don’t hold back on yourself, alright?”

When I directly touched him, Ilias’s breath caught in his chest. I brushed my fingers over the glans of his cock, making precome dribble out of the slit and coat his dick. Since he hadn’t let it out recently, just that was enough to make him clench his teeth like he was about to come. I felt that if I let him come by himself, I’d have lost—my pride wouldn’t settle for anything less than a mutual finish. As such, I conclusively drew my hand out of Ilias’s pants, but I hadn’t taken into account what would happen when I so forcefully detached myself. Tugging his pants back up, Ilias tilted his head fretfully like he wanted to ask what happened. I helplessly opened my mouth.

“Don’t come by yourself…! I wanted to, together—”

And with that, I saw the skin of a gentle, prince-like man peel off to reveal the naked eyes of a beast driven by pure lust. Like he’d turned into a carnivore, Ilias pulled off his pants and underwear in one dynamic movement. The thing that popped out from his trousers and swayed heavily where it stood was a monster dick bigger than mine in every which way. Sure, he had a bigger body in general, but his cock was still huge compared to his body, wasn’t it…! Such a sweet and refreshing face with such an obscenely thick dick, what a gap…! 2

My body trembled in agitation as Ilias straddled me again, deliberately lowering his cock until it met mine. Our dicks rubbed together, and just that touch was enough to make a sweet and numbing feeling run up my spine. I had an anxious expression on my face, not knowing what to do next; seeing that, the experienced Ilias laughed and wrapped his hand around both of our members. He slowly stroked them together, and I was assailed by the dual feeling of rubbing against both his dick and his hand. I couldn’t understand why it felt so much better and so different from jerking off by myself. Although Ilias started off at a slow pace, he gradually got faster to the point where his hips started to shake.

“Ah, ha, ya…!”

“Mm, does it feel good?”

“‘Course it… feels good…!”

Ilias’s hips kept thrusting, tugging my body up and down with such force, it felt like I was getting fucked. I think there’d been a woman who said that the feeling only grew more and more after being fucked, but I certainly wouldn’t know. Above me, Ilias single-mindedly moved his hips, knitting his eyebrows together in a pained expression, and even from my perspective as a man, when I looked at him I could only think of how erotic he was.

“That’s good… I might end up coming first, is that alright?”

“Don’t…! We—ah—have to come—together…!”

To be truthful—with a man like this jerking me off as he thrust against my quivering body, I was also reaching my limits. I did my best to hang on even if I was almost about to come, and my determination to last before Ilias was all that made me hold on. Even so, the very moment that I gave voice to that resolve, Ilias’s thrusts and strokes intensified. Ahh, damn it, it felt too good—I couldn’t hold on any longer!

“Ah, nn, shit, I’m coming…!”

I reached out as if seeking comfort. My right arm wrapped around Ilias’s neck, while my left hand grasped his and twined our fingers together. Overwhelming pleasure washed over me, and in the process tears unknowingly leaked from my eyes. My back arched as my hips jerked to one side, and at that instant, white fluid spurted over my stomach. As if spurred on by my trembling body, in the next instant Ilias’s come burst out as well—but since he hadn’t let loose in a long time, the amount and the force with which it came out was twice as much as mine. All of his come landed on me, covering me from my chest up to my face. Having lost his strength, Ilias buried his head in my neck and tried to regain his breathing. When Ilias raised his head back up and saw the white fluid he’d scattered all over my chest and face, he paled.

“F-forgive me, Azusa…! Oh, no… it even got on your face…!”

He tried to wipe away the semen on my face with his hand—the same hand that was still drenched in precome from jerking us off. No doubt about it, I just got a hell of a lot dirtier. Seeing what he’d done to my face, Ilias looked at me with a frantic and flustered expression… I seriously can’t believe this guy was the same one who had me moaning just a few moments ago. When I thought about how comical that was, laughter swelled up inside me. I began to snicker, shaking with suppressed laughs. Ilias had gotten startled, and he fretfully asked what was wrong.

I laughed for a while, and when I was done, I apologized with a ‘Sorry’ . While wiping off the semen with the back of my hand, I said, “Turns out that two guys can feel pretty good after all.” When I shared that thought with him, I felt something hard press up stiffly between my legs. You… just what did you get horny over… And thus, a very apologetic Ilias pulled me into a second round of tender caressing and coming.



Translator’s Note

Congratulations for coming onto Azusa Island, Captain…! (stakes a crossboners flag into the ground)

From this point forward, there will be some passionate lovey-dovey scenes in nearly every chapter! So, er, be careful about opening them up in public or near family. Explicit chapters will be marked with asterisks.

Psyx and I have never translated or written an R18 scene before. On this day three people’s innocence has been lost…

Though I think Taro-sensei will be proud to see how many of you are nosebleeding because of it, hahaha.(★ ̄∀ ̄★)

Thanks to our amazing Taro-sensei for letting Azusa be explored in a whole new way today~~~! And thanks to our lovely Agent Psyx for editing, proofreading, and sexying up this chapter!!

In the next episode, Ilias frets while Azusa deres. Please look forward to it.


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  1. Actually, this line is straight up Google MTL, but the second I saw it I thought “Yep, there’s nothing I can translate that will be as good as that”. 
  2. Gap, referring to a gap between a person’s appearance and their true behavior/characteristic. You most often see it in the phrase “gap moe”. Examples of ‘gap’ are when a person looks cold on the outside but secretly really loves cute things on the inside, or if they look angelic and kind on the surface but actually have a sinister personality. In this case, the gap is that Ilias looks gentle and princely but has a (bleep) dick. 

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